The story behind Red and Ready…


… began at “Millésime Bio”, the World Organic Wine Fair, at the end of an extremely full day of tasting, including a lot of red wines.  Reddened teeth and lips, palate saturated: the natural tannins in wine leave their mark and stains too!  The idea was simple: in a professional context, the taster should be able to avoid this awkward situation and refresh his taste buds so he can rapidly restore his efficiency and well-being.

For all professional tastings.



Master Classes.

At wine estates.

At press events.

100% natural!


Wine comes from nature. That's why Red and Ready was created in compliance with ecological values. Its 100% natural formula has the European Cosmos Organic certification label.

A cleansing lotion for teeth and lips.


A small bottle,

a cotton disc,

a mini-toothbrush.
A kit that fits inside a pocket.


Practical, Easy to use. Effective.


Discover its effectiveness.
Taste all wines in the same way.
Maximise your time.



Caroline Furstoss.


Sommelier in 2014. Worked as a sommelier for Jean-François Piège. Member of the Tasting Committee of the magazine La Revue du Vin de France. Founder of the website Sommelier Particulier, a unique concept of wine advice and wine sale online, exclusively with renowned sommeliers.



Michaël Klein.


Biologist.  Founder of Cosmetosource. Company with Ecocert organic certification for the creation and manufacture of outsourced food products and Cosmos certification for cosmetic products.



Claire Brosse.


Journalist and author. Former Editor-in-Chief of the magazine L’Amateur de Bordeaux. Founder of Culturevin, a company that creates material dedicated to the world of wine.



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